Skyfly in Jamaica

Jamica View Had a great time Jamaica in 2016. Gary wrote an article, which appeared in the AKA Kiting Magazine. Here is a web version. Skyfly Jamaica

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Coming soon our first event for 2017

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New Windjammer Ronnie 

Introducing our latest member to the Jammer family, Ronnie

Ronnie was and is a RC hobbyist before he joined the team in 2016. We are looking forward to many years of flying with Ronnie. As he finishes High School and College. 

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Belle Isle Kite Festival 2017

The Belle Kite Day is set for July 16, 2017. In order to drum up funding, Margo took to a crowd fundraising venture Detroit Soup January 15th. Where four different ideas are pitched to the group and that the end the group votes and the winner receives that night funds.

Margo presents her pitch for the festival

Another presenter won the funds. It was for a more deserving cause. The event is still a go.

Kites hang on the wall

We are looking forward to this event.

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Gull Lake Home School Partnership Kite Day

Gary flying his stack of Dynas

This was a first for me. I have done my kite presentation all over, schools, churches, Boy & Girl Scouts to name a few. But this was a Home School group, which has a building they meet at to have special presentations and hands on stuff.
When I walked in I was greeted by a 1 year old with a bottle. There were also kids with their parents outside looking for insects. I meet Susan A. Coordinator for the kite event. I realize I need to adjust my presentation for the diverse age range. After my brief speech, we build, the Frustration-less flier sled kites. Once the kites were built, we headed out to the Gilmore Car Museum to fly. Very nice museum, will  go back one day to check it out more.

The kids flew their kites and I let some try their hand at stack flying, as well as some of the adults. Had a great time, then it was time to head off to the Main Event for the weekend. GREAT LAKES KITE FEST 2016.

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Shipshewana 2016 in the rain

Started the day with heavy clouds that looked like they could open up at anytime, and that’s what happened. Shortly after the festival got on the way, the rain came. All the performers were able to get in one demo fly before the rain. The event was called do to rain around 1:30 pm. Then event is scheduled for 2017, lets hope for a great weekend. 

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Fair in the Air 2016

Hoping that the weather would be like last year or at least temps around predictions. We were greeted by temps in the low 40s and wind topping out around 30mph. So in other words cold! For the second annual festival, it hosts some of the best Midwest talent; Chicago Fire, Fire & Ice, Blues Brothers, 180GO, Mr Incredible and others. We all braves the harsh conditions and put on a show.
Attendance was up from the previous year, so it looks like it’s a go for 2017. 

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Finally Done! The new Windjammers website.

It’s finally done, the new Windjammers Kite Team website. Works on Desktops, Tablets and Smart Phones (Well, I hope it works 🙂 )

New Website

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New date, Same Great Fun!

Due to schedule conflict Cleveland had to move their event date up to August 22th and 23rd. So we are still planning to be part of the festival. Check back for updates and schedule.

CKF 2015

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One out of Two, Michigan Challenge Balloon Fest 2015.

It’s been awhile since we had a solid day of rain at an event. Well Saturday at Balloonfest in Howell changed that. We arrived to a overcast day and the prediction was for 90% chance of rain. So as showtime drew closers the light rain began. Then it really began to rain, so we delayed our show for around 1/2 hour. When we had a short window with out rain we headed to the launch field. We had nice clean wind, we did our whole show. Unfortunately there were only a handful of spectators to watch. Then the rain came back. So we headed to the hotel to dry out and hope for a better tomorrow.

Sunday was the perfect day we were hoping for. Had a chance to dry out the kites from the previous day. And as showtime came we had some of the best winds we have ever had in Howell. We flew a flawless performance. Thanks to Joe Stephens and his wife for their help and braving the rainy weather.

A big thank you to Meijer’s for sponsoring the team again.

IMG_1040.JPG  IMG_3453 (1)

And a big thank you to the Howell Balloonfest Staff and we look forward to our 27th appearance in 2016.

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