One out of Two, Michigan Challenge Balloon Fest 2015.

It’s been awhile since we had a solid day of rain at an event. Well Saturday at Balloonfest in Howell changed that. We arrived to a overcast day and the prediction was for 90% chance of rain. So as showtime drew closers the light rain began. Then it really began to rain, so we delayed our show for around 1/2 hour. When we had a short window with out rain we headed to the launch field. We had nice clean wind, we did our whole show. Unfortunately there were only a handful of spectators to watch. Then the rain came back. So we headed to the hotel to dry out and hope for a better tomorrow.

Sunday was the perfect day we were hoping for. Had a chance to dry out the kites from the previous day. And as showtime came we had some of the best winds we have ever had in Howell. We flew a flawless performance. Thanks to Joe Stephens and his wife for their help and braving the rainy weather.

A big thank you to Meijer’s for sponsoring the team again.

IMG_1040.JPG  IMG_3453 (1)

And a big thank you to the Howell Balloonfest Staff and we look forward to our 27th appearance in 2016.

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